Host a Walk

What’s involved in a JDRF One Walk

What does a JDRF One Walk look like?

It can be as simple as a walk in the park! JDRF One Walk is a gathering of the community in a local area with a 3-5km walk followed by a sausage sizzle or picnic and some children’s activities and entertainment.

What is involved in organising a JDRF One Walk?

It’s all very easy! The most important things to do are:

  • Put together a local organising team (LOT)
  • Choose a Walk route and Walk venue
  • Select your date
  • Speak with your local council (if required)

Do I have to have a LOT?

No, it is not a necessity to have a LOT but as the saying goes ‘Many hands make light work’!

How do I put together a LOT?

  • JDRF will contact all supporters within your local area and will facilitate the group to get together to start sharing ideas.
  • Ask your family, friends and colleagues if they would like to be involved too.

What would some of the responsibilities be for the LOT?

  • Organise the Walk route and Walk venue (park or picnic area)
  • Promote the event through the local newspaper, radio station, schools, sporting groups and local businesses
  • Organise entertainment and fun activities like face painting and jumping castles
  • Ask your local community to get involved! Contact your friends, family, school, local sports teams and ask them to sign up and approach friends in business for an in-kind sponsorship or donation. They may be willing to provide food, beverages or raffle prizes.
  • Financial responsibilities: Manage the banking and receipting administration, oversee any funds you receive at your JDRF One Walk e.g. raffle, BBQ funds raised etc

What should I consider when choosing a Walk route and venue?

Choose a Walk route that is easy to follow, has a scenic element (like walking around a lake, by the beach, or through a park) and that starts/finishes in an open space, like a park or oval where you can host fun activities after the Walk. Try to avoid closing roads for the Walk route.

When should I host my One Walk?

Most One Walks are held on a Saturday or Sunday in October when the capital city One Walks are. You may also want to consider holding your Walk in the week of World Diabetes Day which falls this year on Wednesday 14 November. This may help you gain media attention in your community and bring added awareness to the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

What should I check with our local council?

Local councils may be able to provide advice, assist with road closures if required and advise of any site fees and guidelines that may apply.

Gaining support from your community

How do I gain support for the JDRF One Walk?

Ask, ask, ask! By asking people within your community to help you support a very good cause, raising funds to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes, you will be able to create an amazing event.

The JDRF One Walk website allows you to have a dedicated page for your Walk and your own personal fundraising page, and you can share information and receive donations directly through the site.

What support will I need to plan the day?

An organising committee will help plan the Walk route, liaise with the local councils and police to ensure all requirements are met, ask businesses for goods in kind and donations (for food, beverages, raffle prizes, BBQ hire, tables and chairs, entertainment etc) and promote the event.

What support will I need on the day?

Jobs will range from selling merchandise, collecting funds raised, cooking the BBQ, selling raffle tickets, manning on course drink stations and walk route marshals.

Who do I ask for support?

  • Friends and family
  • Local businesses for the supply of goods in kind
  • Volunteers will be your key support on the day, ask local groups such as Rotary, Lions and Scout groups who often provide great volunteers

Where would I look for potential teams to join my JDRF One Walk?

There are many places you can look for potential teams to join your JDRF One Walk, try:

  • Your work place and schools
  • Businesses/companies you deal with e.g. supermarket, butcher
  • Sporting clubs and community groups and of course your family and friends!

Am I allowed to approach businesses for sponsorship support?

Yes. JDRF can supply you with an Authority to Fundraise letter for in kind sponsorship and donations. Please request this letter directly from your local JDRF staff member or by contacting us at

You may also wish to actively seek support from companies to attend the event, and in so invite them to purchase a trade display at your walk. Through approaching companies in this way you are able to generate even more funds to go towards type 1 diabetes research, and they benefit from your event, through being able to access their local community and promote their products.  Having additional stalls at your event may also add to the feel and size of the event.

Promoting your One Walk 

How do I promote my event to my local community?

  • Visit the Resources page for some downloadable tools you can use
  • Send an email invitation to all your family, friends, colleagues, sporting groups etc
  • Ask the local school to include an article in the newsletter or send a poster home with each student
  • Ask the local media to promote your event, we have ads in many sizes they can run, or better still, they may ask for your story for the front page of the newspaper.
  • Put posters up at work and around town, especially in your local diabetes clinic, doctor's surgery, gym, school, supermarket notice board etc
  • Share your personal JDRF One Walk webpage by email and social media for easy fundraising