Daniel Webb

I'm walking for a world without type one diabetes

Denzels Story

Hey Buds,


Most of you know my story when it comes to diabetes and fundraising as this is now my 8th JDRF walk. I have a very personal connection to Type One, being diagnosed when I was six and having two sisters and other family members being diagnosed also. As well as being involved with JDRF for approximately 9 years, I have been associated with Diabetes Tasmania for over a decade. The amazing people, both Type One or those who work with us, I have met over the years constantly provide me with the motivation to get out and fundraise or volunteer wherever I can. JDRF are the world leader in findifu research that can and will help the lives of so many incredible diabetics that this year I again will be pulling on the walking boots to try and raise as much as I can.


What started as me walking from Devonport to Burnie and raising $750 has so far resulted in me (and some amazing friends) walking the entire northern coastline of Tasmania, climbing 9 mountains and raising over $22,000. So I got to thinking, where now? I can't go any further east or west. So now I'm going south. The Tasmanian Trail runs 480km from Devonport to Dover and this year I hope to get the Devonport to Deloraine leg out of the way, over two nights.


I am astutely aware that my fundraising walks are made possible and successful by the generosity of some repeat offenders; family and friends who donate time and time again as well as those who help out logistically or walk with me. Not to forget those who amazingly offer support from their own small businesses. I feel guilty every year asking for people to continue to help and support these walks, but when I think of how much the money can help JDRF better the lives of so many of us, I swallow my pride and ask yet again. I am optimistically aiming for $5000 again, and if you could throw me even the small change behind the couch you will receive in return my eternal gratitude, stupid selfies of me on my walk and, of course, choc chip bikkies*

 Denz X

* Bikkies delivered between 7 and 150,000 business days


My Completed Missions in the JDRF Blue Army

Uploaded a pic Set fundraising target Shared on social media Raised $35 – 'private' status Raised $100 – 'corporal' status Raised $250 – 'sergeant' status Raised $500 – 'major' status Reached fundraising goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gloria Kearney

To my favourite grandchild 😍


Michael Webb

Well done mate!


Brendan Kearney

Keep up the great work young Daniel. Just a small donation for your big effort.


Justin And Jo Kearney



Bernadette And Paul Webb

Well done as usual Daniel xx


Sharon Dobson

You do such an amazing job


Isabella Webb

nice work as always FUD!!


Geraldine Cubit


Jessica Spinks

Good luck on your epic challenge!


Ash, Joe & Reubs Amore

Stragglers this year - sorry its late and well done team Webb xx


Tara Piper

You’re amazing love ❤️


Nick Kennedy

Cookies can be replaced with beer right?? 😜


Deirdre Cranfield

Go champ. So proud of you nephew. Love Didge



Amazing effort as always Daniel! (Better late than never, right!?! :P )


Sam And Liz

Yeah Denz! Amazing work as always xx


Emma And Michael


Lyndal Mellefont

I seriously can't remember if I donated or not yet for this one. So sorry if its late!! I blame old age :-)



Go you good thing.


Fav Cuz Anna

Goooo Denzel!


Amy Walsh


Simone Flanagan

Go Daniel!! You are a true t1d champion, and all the community is behind you! Thank you for everything you do.


Clare Guest

Yay Daniel!!


Lucjan And Angela Derda

You bloody legend!!


Richard Douglas

Sorry I'm late


Schnitzel Von Krum

Probably owe you more than this in Uber eats


David Berechree


Matthew Dobson

Good luck mate! Proud of you.


Lyn Wynne

Awesome work as per usual!


Jane Cameron




Becky Cahill

You're a beast 😚


Danielle Nankervis

You are my hero 😜 .... Good Luck!


Chris & Phoebe

Great work mate


Trish Poole

Good luck Daniel


Rachel Davidson (fellow Type 1)

Good on you Daniel!


Monica Cameron

Amazing work as always Daniel!!


Lauren Stanton

Have always thought and always will think you are a star Dahnool!


Gabrielle Aplin


Tia Maria Poutama

Kia kaha Daniel!


Amanda Aplin

Great effort Daniel!!!


Cousin Lindy

Again, awesome work cousin!


Sarah Brett

Well done Cousin, love Rod and Sarah xx


Tiago Tomaz

Good luck mate 👍


Caitlin Kaine


Amy Smith

Go for gold Daniel and please save me a cookie, I'll collect it in July!


Jess T

Don't forget your trendy sticks!


Lee-anne Grieve


Evette Kiely

Great effort mate 😃


Sarah Green


Natalie Petty

All the best for the walk and for your fundraising.


Simone Horvat

Always such an inspiration to me. Love you Dwebb x love Simo x


Melissa And Ryan Devine





Part 1 🤗


Traci Lonergan

You are an inspiration Dan as well as being totally awesome 👏🏼:)




Rachael Cranfield

Yet again kicking arse and inspiring us all cuz xxx


Katie And Kirby

Go Daniel xx love katie and kirby


Ingrid Daly


Shana Hills

I can only donate a small amount this time as I am a broke unemployed student again! Yay for me haha, good luck on the walk mate.