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I'm walking for Our son, Joel

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I'm walking 120,000 steps to turn type one into type none!

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Help me raise much needed funds for a cure!

Our youngest son Joel, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in April this year just after his 10th birthday. He injects insulin 4 times a day just to function and stay alive. ??

Type 1 does not occur due to poor diet, lack of exercise  or too much sugar as some believe, it is when your pancreas decides it will stop producing the insulin you need to live!

I am taking part in JDRF One Walk to turn type one into type none!

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can strike at any time. It affects more than 120,000 Australian families, and 7 people are diagnosed every day and it is striking down more and more young people with no family history. 

So I am walking with the #JDRFbluearmy to raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Please DONATE NOW, anything you can and support my walk to change the lives of Australians living with T1D.

Thank you.

My Completed Missions in the JDRF Blue Army

Uploaded a pic Set fundraising target Shared on social media Raised $40 – 'private' status Raised $100 – 'corporal' status Raised $250 – 'sergeant' status Raised $500 – 'major' status Reached fundraising goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


Pierce, Shawna, Heidi And Chelsea

We need a cure!


Denis Tyrie


Kerry Degennaro


Shirley &barry Stratton

Good Luck on Day


Steve Lowe

Fully supporting you guys .....




Penny Ledner


Lesa Ingham

You go girl! Joel deserves the best.


Kate Draper

Hope you raise a lot of money .... go cousin power


Paul & Julie Stratton

We think you’re a star, Joel ⭐️


Jeff M


Kirsty Skinner

Best wishes to Joel, you and your family; it impacts you all.


Joanne Kernot

I 100% believe a cure is just around the corner!!!


Rose Geale

🌟If anyone can get through this your little family can xx 🌟


Jonesy Aka Kylie Hine

So proud of you!


Susan & Wade Goddard


Jeannette Power


Deanne Stanley


Mark Davies


Tiffany Stanton


Sarah Owers


Paula Stevens

Had to wait for pay day xx


Jo Lonsdale