The Blue Army Pack

When you reach Corporal Rank in the Blue Army, we want to reward you for being an incredible supporter of type 1 diabetes research. In fact, we'll send you a Blue Army Pack to help you complete the One Walk Step Challenge this October in style and mark 100 years of insulin in the process! So, what do you get?

Let's take a look inside...

In this pack, you'll find everything you need to march into battle this October to defeat T1D. Here's what's inside your pack and your mission for each item:

1. Your limited edition 100 Years of Insulin T-Shirt

This year marks a significant milestone for the T1D community - why? Because it's been 100 years since the groundbreaking discovery of insulin!

While insulin has improved the lives of many people, we are still looking for that next big T1D breakthrough - and we’re not going to wait another 100 years for it! 


  • Wear your T-shirt with Blue Army pride
  • Post a picture in the Facebook group, or on your personal social media page
  • Connect with your fellow recruits!


Who are you fighting for? Pledge the reason you are walking this October. Enter the name of who you are walking for or simply tell everyone you are walking to 'help defeat T1D!'.


  • Post a picture of you and your pledge on social media
  • You can also print additional copies of the pledge sign here

3. Your QR Code Wristband

Your QR Code wristband makes it easier for you to collect donations when you're out and about! Plus, you'll climb the ranks FAST.


  • Get fundraising with your QR Code wristband!
  • Recruit your local barista, hairdresser, neighbour and anyone you can find to help the JDRF Blue Army carry out their mission to defeat T1D. 
  • Simply ask your generous donor to scan the QR code, enter their details and donation amount, and wait for the magic to happen on your page! Have you earned a new badge with their donation?

As always, please make sure you are complying with social distancing rules in your state!

4. BONUS GIFT - Received a dog tag? Read on...

A dog tag is a special something we give to past fundraisers and team captains who have registered early for the One Walk Step Challenge... so if you have received one in your Blue Army Pack, CONGRATS!


  • Gift it to a special person with T1D in your life as a groovy medical alert
  • Or wear it yourself with pride!

Thank you for your commitment in fighting for a world without T1D. We hope this Blue Army Pack will be helpful in continuing your mission in the JDRF Blue Army.

Over and out soldier!