About T1D Research

JDRF funds research that can benefit everyone with type 1 diabetes (T1D). We continually strive to improve the lives of people with T1D, until we reach our end goal: a world without T1D.

In just the last financial year, here's what we have achieved together

  • $13M invested in T1D research 
  • 52 studies and clinical trials funded 
  • 496,560 needles avoided via the insulin pump program 
  • 17.6 million finger pricks avoided via the CGM Funding Initiative 
  • 1247 Support and education packs (KIDSACs) delivered to newly diagnosed families 
  • 2400+ people involved in studies/ trials 
  • $6.4M raised through the generosity of the T1D community 
  • 84% of insulin pump recipients reported improvement in HbA1c/Time in Range since starting pump therapy 
  • People above the age of 23 are now eligible for CGM subsidy

Over the years we have achieved

  • $152M invested in T1D research
  • 375+ T1D research projects undertaken
  • 12.8M fewer needles with the Insulin Pump Program
  • 19 countries actively conducting type T1D clinical research, supported by JDRF
  • More than 4200 Australian families now avoiding insulin needles thanks to the insulin pump program 
  • 20 people living insulin free
  • $54.5M bi-partisan (2019) promise for clinical research funding
  • $134M in Government subsidies
  • People <21 years old elgible for CGM subsidy

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Walking for a world without type 1 diabetes