T1D Game Changer

If you’re walking for a world without type 1 diabetes, good job! You’re already an absolute legend. Passionate supporters like you are often interested in all the different ways they could help. So we wanted to tell you about another way you can help us get closer to our end goal!

Could you become a T1D Game Changer?

T1D Game Changer is our community of like-minded people committed to doing their part to achieve the next type 1 diabetes (T1D) breakthrough. Anyone can become a Game Changer – we need people with and without type 1 diabetes to be part of our Game Changer community.

By signing up to become a Game Changer, you’ll receive updates on type 1 diabetes clinical trials. Clinical trials are the important final step before new therapies can be made available to those who need them. The more participants, the more likely new therapies to cure, prevent and treat T1D will be made available.

Together, we will help create a better future for Australians with T1D.

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Walking for a world without type 1 diabetes