5 Tips to Help You Fundraise During a Pandemic

01 Sep 2021

We know that T1D does not stop in a pandemic. However, fundraising during this time can be a challenge. Here are a few ideas to help you raise funds for T1D research in your One Walk Step Challenge...

Tip #1:  Social Media is your fundraising friend

Use the power of Social Media to spread the word to family, friends and co-workers about your challenge. Simply share your fundraising page on your Facebook profile, letting people know you are taking part in the One Walk Step Challenge and why it's important to raise funds for T1D research.

You can also use our FREE Social Media tiles to help you spread the word.

Tip #2: Organise a fun online games night to raise funds!

Gather your friends, family or co-workers and organise a fun virtual games night, whether it be online trivia, bingo or a murder mystery night.

Let people know about your cause - those who wish to take part in the online games donate a fee to help you in your mission to defeat T1D! 

Tip #3: Donate your birthday

Got a birthday coming up? Ask people to donate to your fundraising page as part of their gift to you!

Tip #4: Declutter to Donate

Got a few books collecting dust at home? Why not sell them to raise funds ! Lockdown can be a great time to clean out your space and remove the clutter.

Items you sell can include clothing, homewares, electronics - anything you don't use anymore that's in good working condition! It's now easier than ever to sell online - Facebook Marketplace and Ebay are a few great options.

Tip #5: Donate your travel or lunch money

If you are working from home during lockdown - you probably aren't paying for your daily train commute or takeaway lunches anymore! This can be a great opportunity to support your cause and donate that money to T1D research - even if it's just once a week. You can also encourage family and friends to do the same.

We hope these ideas help you fundraise during this tricky time. For more tips, motivation and a supportive community- don't forget to join our One Walk Facebook Group!