How it works

1. sign up

Sign up for FREE and save your spot at your local One Walk event. We're hosting them across Australia! 

2. Set your fundraising goal

Set your fundraising goal to support life-changing T1D research

3. Spread the word

Share your page with friends, family, co-workers (anyone you know!) and ask them to support your challenge.

4. Walk and celebrate!

Come along on the day of your event and walk for a world without T1D. It's a fun celebration of your incredible fundraising!

Why take part?

JDRF’s One Walk Step Challenge is perfect for individuals, families and teams looking for a fun fitness challenge while supporting an important cause!

The challenge is to walk 8,000 steps a day throughout October, for the 8 Australians diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) each day.

Every step you take and dollar you raise will help us get closer to a world without T1D by supporting life-changing research that aims to improve lives and cure the condition.

You can do the walk virtually at your own pace and in your local area. JDRF also has One Walk events happening across Australia for a chance to meet and connect with other One Walkers - so don't forget to save your spot when you register!

Join the movement as we walk 8,000 steps a day this October so we can create a world without T1D.

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