5 Tips to Help You Reach your KMs Target in the One Walk Step Challenge!

01 Sep 2021

Fitness during a pandemic can be tricky, no matter what your current circumstances or restrictions are. Here are 5 tips to help you squeeze in those extra KMs in your day and reach your target in this years One Walk Step Challenge!

Tip #1: Walk and talk - take calls and business meetings on the go

Take advantage of the time you have on the phone by walking around your block or home while on a call or business meeting. By the end of the month, these steps would have really added up!

Tip #2: Take bite-sized 'walking breaks'

This especially applies if you are working from home. It's easy to sit down for hours and forget to keep active and move your body.

Set an alarm every hour to take a short 5 minute break away from your desk. Stretch and walk around your home or garden. You'll not only have squeezed in some extra steps but come back feeling recharged and refreshed. 

Tip #3: Create a routine

Find a time that works best for you and stick to it! Whether it’s early mornings, your lunch break, or after dinner, try reserve a consistent time for your daily walk. It also helps to communicate your routine to people in your life so they can work around your schedule.

Tip #4: Make your walks fun and enjoyable

A challenge doesn't need to feel like a chore! A few ideas to turn your walks into a fun experience include:

  • Listening to your favourite playlist or an interesting podcast
  • Chatting to a friend on the phone
  • Bringing along a friend, neighbour or a loved one on your walk (depending on your current state's restrictions)
  • Turning your walk into a learning session by learning a new language

Make your walks something you look forward to each day so you are more likely to follow through!

Tip #5: Integrate walking into your everyday activities

Get creative and find seamless ways to integrate walking into your normal everyday activities and routines. Some ideas include:

  • Walking around your home while brushing your teeth
  • Walking around your home during a commercial break 
  • Walking around the kitchen while your meal is heating up in the microwave
  • Playing a fun game with your kids which involves walking and moving around

These 'mini' walks may not feel significant - but they add up over the month and before you know it, you'll be closer to your 100 KMs goal!

We hope these tips inspire you to squeeze in more KMs into your day! For more inspiration, tips and motivation – don’t forget to join our One Walk Facebook Group!