One Talk With... Rob Palmer

15 Oct 2020

Many Aussies living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) have probably had the pleasure of taking One Walk with Rob Palmer – after all, he’s been MC at many of our events for 10 years! During this time, he’s met thousands of us, shared his personal journey with T1D and inspired us with his positive attitude and overflowing enthusiasm for life and health.  

This year, he’s taking his One Walk duties online as a JDRF x Medtronic ambassador for the One Walk Step Challenge. So, let’s take a moment to look back at Rob’s journey with T1D and what’s next.  

Diagnosed with T1D at seven years old, it’s abundantly clear Rob hasn’t let diabetes get in the way of living life to the fullest, even amongst the challenges this year has brought to Aussies all over the country 

2020 has been tough for many of us, regardless of whether you’re living with T1D or not. Even though it never goes away, you might say diabetes has become challenge no. 2 this year! I think it’s really important we celebrate the little wins as they come and check in with each other as mates during this time.” Rob says.  

“It’s never an inconvenience to have a friend lend you an ear. I reckon that being heard by someone can often be a large chunk of the solution.”  

Rob talks about how this year has been made a little easier thanks to some recent advances in technology which make managing diabetes simpler 

When I was a kid in the early 80’s, you’d check your BGLs once in the morning and once in the afternoon and work out your insulin in between. I don’t know how I survived!” Rob explains. 

“But, fast forward and T1D technology is progressing for diabetes almost as fast as it is for phones. The so-called loop of diabetes management is as close to closed as it has ever been. For example, I’m fortunate to be using Medtronic’s 670G pump and I’m ecstatic about my new-found freedom. It's so good to head out for a swim without worrying my pump is going to be damaged.”  

Rob is a breakfast radio host for 107.7 Triple M Central Coast, but before that he presented the DIY segment on Better Homes and Gardens for 15 years. 

“My schedule has changed massively over the years, and the challenge is making your diabetes move with you. YOU are the boss of T1D. Rob says.    

Mates help a lot with that – they're so important, especially with diabetesThere’s been times when I was filming Better Homes and Gardens and still doing MDI that I’d hit the deck, and people came running from everywhere to give me a can of drink, hold my head up and stop me falling off the cliff.”  

Now, Rob tells us his insulin pump and CGM are like having his mates in his pocket – though they could never fully replace them! He’s looking forward to what’s next with so much promising T1D research out there and believes that one day it will help turn type one into type none. 

This content was brought you in partnership with our One Walk Step Challenge Partner, Medtronic. To learn more about the 670G and the technology behind it, click here.