Turning T1 to T0 with Kimberley Teng

06 Aug 2020

At 32 years old, Kimberley Teng has lived with T1D for just a year and a half – a living, breathing contradiction to the common misconception that you can only develop type one diabetes (T1D) as a child. 

Kim was diagnosed in February 2019 after what she thought was a severe case of gastro which was, in fact, DKA. At the time, she knew next to nothing about T1D as it wasn’t in her family history and she didn’t know anyone else living with the condition. 

She describes the first months living with T1D as a brutal, steep learning curve. 

“The last 18 months have been full of challenges for me. The highest highs and scary lows, the strive for perfection, breakdowns over menial matters and grieving a former life to name just a few.” Kim explains. 

“Managing these challenges and acknowledging them has helped me cope. Having supportive friends, family, healthcare professionals and even pets around me has been absolutely crucial!”

Last year, Kim’s extraordinary support system also became a vital part of her mission to turn type one into type none by joining her One Walk team, T1 to T0. In fact, her team became one of the top teams in Australia last year.

Kim formed T1 to T0 after finding One Walk online.

“At the time, I was quite scared of exercising due to the effects it had and wanted to take it on as a challenge for myself,” she said. 

After signing up, she recruited her family and close friends and created an email campaign to spread the word far and wide. She also used the power of social media to 

share her fundraising page and story with anyone who might like to support her team. 

The outcome of her efforts blew Kim’s expectations out of the water, raising over $14,200 for better research, services and treatments for those living with T1D before her first diaversary! 

Kim’s advice for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps for this year’s One Walk Step Challenge is simple: Success only comes from working together and supporting each other through strength in community.

“I’m so proud of my fundraising efforts. Whether it’s for ourselves, a family member, a partner, a child or the future generation, One Walk is one of the ways we can actively advocate for better research, services and treatments for those living with T1D.” Kim says. 

“The support shown through those donations is something that will stay with me forever and helps keep me going every day.”

If you’d like to make an impact and help the Blue Army defeat T1D, registrations are now open for the One Walk Step Challenge. Sign up here.