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Can I use my Walk login details from last year?

Yes, you can. You'll still need to register for the JDRF One Walk this year though so when registering, select 'Already have an account' and follow the steps. If your email address isn't recognised you will need to create a new login and fundraising page. We hope you find the process easy, and love the enhanced functionality our platform can offer our wonderful fundraisers.

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How can I create or join a JDRF One Walk team?

In the third step of the registration process, you can “Create” or “Join” a team. You can either skip over this question, create your own team, or find and join an existing team.


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How can I fundraise?

There’s so many different ways! Most people start by sharing their personal page on social media or via email – but don’t forget to personalise your page first! You can also try more creative methods, and we have some fun ideas, resources, templates and tips online. See them here.

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Where does the fundraising money go?

Each year, JDRF One Walk brings together hundreds of thousands of people affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D). These Walks allow JDRF to fund life-changing research, helping to lessen the everyday burden of T1D and ultimately, create a world where it no longer exists

Find out more about JDRF’s global type 1 diabetes research program.

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Are donations tax deductible?

Yes,  all donations over $2 in value are tax deductible.

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How do our matched giving days work?

Thanks to our generous corporate supporters, we are able to match, dollar for dollar, your donation on a matched giving day. We will provide more information about matched giving days closer to their scheduled date.


Creating a Facebook fundraiser

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What is a Facebook Fundraiser?

A Facebook fundraiser allows you to receive donations directly through Facebook. This means friends and family don’t have to leave the Facebook platform to donate to your cause.

The donation amount received through Facebook will be counted and shown on your One Walk fundraising page.

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How do I set up a Facebook Fundraiser for One Walk?

1) Login to your One Walk fundraising account (click ‘Login’ on the top right corner of the page).

2) On your dashboard, click the “Create my Facebook Fundraiser” button.

3) Follow the prompts from Facebook to finish setting up your fundraiser.

4) Once your fundraiser is set up, you can customise the image and description to best suit you, and start collecting donations!
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How do I locate and track the progress of my Facebook Fundraiser?

Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/manage and your ‘JDRF One Walk’ fundraiser should appear under ‘Your active fundraisers’.

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Will I be able to see who contributed to my Facebook Fundraiser on my One Walk Fundraising Page?

Donor names from your Facebook Fundraiser won't appear on your One Walk Fundraising Page. Instead, these contributions will be listed as "Facebook Donation."

However, you can easily identify and thank your donors through Facebook's platform.

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How do I make the most out of my Facebook Fundraiser?

Here are some tips on using the Facebook Fundraiser effectively:

  • Personalise your description on the fundraiser to show people WHY you care about the cause. Personal stories and experiences are a powerful way to rally support and donations.
  • Include an image of yourself or who you are walking for.
  • Provide status updates on the progress of your fundraiser to remind people to donate and keep the momentum going.

Walk Information

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Does it cost anything to join JDRF's One Walk?

There is no fee to join JDRF's One Walk, but we do ask all walkers to fundraise or make a donation. We encourage all walkers to contribute in some way – there’d be nothing to celebrate if no money was raised! The more money we raise, the more money we can contribute towards type 1 diabetes research.

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How do I log my steps for JDRF's One Walk challenge in October?

After you register, go to My Fitness Activity on your page.

You can also manually add any activity you have completed. Important: If you logged your activity via an app, it will take up to 2 days for your activity to appear on your page.

Alternatively, you can connect to your preferred Fitness app:

  • Fitbit
  • Strava
  • MapMyFitness
  • Garmin




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Where and how can I order t-shirts or other JDRF merchandise?

If you've raised $50 or more, you'll automatically get this year's FREE One Walk blue cap. If you'd like to order a One Walk t-shirt, you can do so at registration or in our merchandise shop.

JDRF strives to ensure we are providing high-quality items, from suppliers that adhere to responsible sourcing. You can read more about our supplier, here.

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What are the sizes for T-Shirts?

For adult sizing, click here.

For children's sizing, click here

If you accidentally selected the wrong size while registering, please email walksupport@jdrf.org.au to request a size change. 

Contact Us

How do I contact JDRF?

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You can contact us via email at walksupport@jdrf.org.au

Visit our Contact Us Page to view contact details of each of our State Offices.