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I'm walking for Lucas Goldberg

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I'm walking 125km for a world without type 1 diabetes

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First target reached

Thank you all for your donations - it is truly appreciated.

I have reached my first target of $1,000 in no time at all, now to push to my second target of $2,000.

I am very confident in the generosity of my friends and associates and so have no doubt that soon I will be pushing for my third and final target and will reach that before my walk starts.

Just like finding a cure for Type 1, I am making my targets in stages but will ultimately get there

Thank you for your support

As I did last year, I am walking again this year to raise funds for research in to Type 1 Diabetes.

As many of you might know, my son Lucas was diagnosed just on 12 months ago with Type 1 Diabetes. Very scary for him and for myself and Vicky at the time. 

While he has done a magnificent job getting used to living with it and treating it  on a daily basis for the last 12 months, ensuring that his insulin levels remain on target with his four injections every single day, unbelievable advances in research and technology have now made it possible for him to move from his four daily injections to wearing a pump that helps to ensure his constant levels of insulin with a lot less intrusion on his daily life.

This would not have been possible just a few short years ago but is possible because of the ongoing research and developments that are funded by donations such as yours.

So here I am, walking  (and tracking online) at least 125km in a month  starting on 1 September to help these brilliant researches and scientists to push to the next stage and hopefully, in my sons lifetime, find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

They are close, they (we) just need your donations to help get them over the line so please do what you can to donate, every cent counts and the amounts you donate do not have to be huge to help make a difference.

My Story

I'm walking 125KM in the One Walk Step Challenge to support the more than 125,000 people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in Australia!

Why? To raise funds that will help explore even more treatment options for T1D and help us get closer to a world without the lifelong autoimmune condition.

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Keith And Rae Ann Angel

I’m making a donation for Lucas. Make sure your fat ass walks every km!


Errol Goldberg


Jonathon Lew



Don Mcfarlane

I want you walk backwards...


The Lombardos Next Door

A noble effort, Errol. Cheering you all the way (despite M deriding you constantly)!!


Brett Sims

Go get em Errol!!!


Anthony Maroon

Try and be positive Errol.Say something nice to someone


Bruce Lees

You can't walk that far old man


Natalie Saville

Go Errol, great cause.


Mcinness Family

Good luck mate. Should keep you busy for a while.


Veronica Sternberg

Go Errol!!!


Richard Mazzoli