Mighty Mase And the Rainbows

Our Story

My name is Mase and I have Type 1 Diabetes.

Our team is called Mighty Mase and The Rainbows.

Our journey has been harsh with heart breaking moments with my Mum and Dad. We were in hospital for an unstoppable 1/2 weeks lucky there was a play place just outside my room and a play place called Starlight downstairs. I was in a ward called Cassia and my next door ward was Rose. 

Please support me with your donations as we raise money to help find a cure.

We are taking part in JDRF One Walk to turn type one into type none!

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can strike at any time. It affects more than 120,000 Australian families, and 7 people are diagnosed every day.

So our team is walking with the #JDRFbluearmy to raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Please DONATE NOW and support our walk to change the lives of Australians living with T1D.

Thank you.

 Kind regards Mighty Mase and the Rainbows.


Our Completed Missions in the JDRF Blue Army

Uploaded a pic Set fundraising target Shared on social media Raised $500 – 'squad' status Raised $1000 – 'platoon' status Raised $2500 – 'commando' status Raised $5000 – 'special-ops' status Reached fundraising goal

Thank you to our Sponsors


Poppy & Nanny

Love to our Mighty Mase


Ma And Pa

Love you our best Boy


Aunty Mema

Love you infinity milliion hundred plus one Masey-moo. I think it's pretty cool you've turned in to a little cyborg with all your attachments, but let's find a cure so you don't have to. Love love love xx


Mase Sifa


Emma Sifa


Mase Sifa


Mase Sifa


Mase Sifa


Mase Sifa


Mase Sifa


Davina Vella


Mase Sifa


Mase Sifa


Theresa Lawrence

Go mighty Mase 🙌🏽


Cathy Nimmo

Mighty Mase And The Rainbows - see you tomorrow and well done x


Katie Kleinschmidt

Well done Team


Ether Tutagalevao

We luv you Mase ✌️ Have fun


Bonnie And Katie

💙💜❤️🧡💛💚 So proud of you Mase! You are an inspiration xxx


Kristina Martin

Mighty Mase.. you are so brave and so clever. We can't wait to get our rainbow gear on and walk with you in October. Lots of love to you and your amazing family. Kristina, Kent, Ella and the boys. Xx


Laura Veljkovic


Mase Sifa


Mase Sifa


Kerry Nimmo

Mase , Emma , Ben and Lulu ... I am so super proud of you all and how you have embraced this new life ... I am always here for you all and love you dearly... together we can make a difference for our Boys... we got this !!


Sharon Kasteliz

👍Great Job Mighty Mase👍


Annie Stiffle

Mighty effort, Mighty Mase!😉👍


Rachael Brown

Go team Mase and the rainbows!!! 🥰🌈


Mcminn Family

Mase if anyone can, you can!! Much much love to you and your epic whanau. The Mac’s Xxx


Kim Stewart

Well done Mase - I bet your mum is dead proud of you 👍






Go Mighty Mase and your incredible team!


Archie Davie

Have a great walk tomorrow Mase!


Rebecca Pryde (chelsea's Mum)

All the best with the fundraising Mase! You are a super hero and never forget that! :)


Greg Black


Matt Golding


Allana Lyne

Strongest kid I know, love ya buddy x


Hannah Bowes

🌈 Great job with fundraising Mase (and mum)! You are a Superstar 🌈


Jess Hempel


Kelly Davis



Lachie Johnson


Madi Wordingham

Thanks for the rainbow scrunchies!


Mase Sifa