Alisha Ryan

I'm walking for a world without type one diabetes

My Story

I am taking part in JDRF One Walk this year to help raise funds and spread awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.

I was diagnosed at nine years old some 12 years ago now. In short, Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the body’s immune system destroys beta cells in the pancreas. These cells secrete insulin which is essential for carbohydrate (glucose) metabolism. 

Because my body no longer creates insulin I now inject it myself with multiple injections every day. I also monitor my blood glucose levels by doing finger pricks. 

Anyone who knows me well will also know that I’m not a big fan of having diabetes. It is a hard illness to live with everyday and it is something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. 

There has already been so many advancements in diabetes management since I was diagnosed and I now use a continuous glucose monitor which is really great (I’m not too fond of the finger pricks). I’m raising funds because I want more things like this to be created.  I also want to have the chance to live long and with no complications from the disease.

It would be great if you could help me with my cause and put forward a small donation to my team. We will be doing a 5km walk in October. 

If you have any questions about type 1 diabetes please don’t hesitate to ask me! 

Alisha :) 

My Completed Missions in the JDRF Blue Army

Uploaded a pic Set fundraising target Shared on social media Raised $35 – 'private' status Raised $100 – 'corporal' status Raised $250 – 'sergeant' status Raised $500 – 'major' status Reached fundraising goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mum & Dad

We love you Alisha, and are so proud of you. Let’s find that cure!


Millar Merrigan (sean Ryan)

Great cause, keep up the great work Alisha


Gay Bell

Go Alisha. Love from Granny xx


Pete Simpson

Strong and Bold Alisha!


Ingrid Morton

Hope they find a cure Alisha!


Anna And Terry Douglass

Great effort Alisha, hope you get lots of support.


Penny Pierce

Good on you Alisha


Phil Gitzel

You would have got 200 hundred if you didn't give me the bird last time I saw you , you inspire me with your courage.


Judy And Gordon Thompson

All the best Alisha. Hope they find a cure


Kirsten Sinclair

Go leash! 🎉🎉❤❤❤❤


Ben Wheat


Jane Dobson

Good on you Alisha your awesome. Such a great cause.


Sof And Mat

Good luck Alisha, we hope your plight helps towards making thing better.


Megan Taig

Goal reached! Hope the walk goes well.


Alex Craig

Legend! Crap immune systems are the worst Hope you reach your goal pal!


Max Bishop

Love u girl! Youre an absolute legend!


Richardson Family

Great work Alisha!


Pete And Sarah Wiersema


Deb J

superstar 👊


Rachel Malcolm

Fabulous cause and one that is very close to my heart. Very proud of you xx


Cal Egan

Good luck Alisha 💪


Kenny Treminio

Keep killin it Leash!💪


Sam Wells

Crush it leash ✊


Wyeth Family

Good on you Alisha!


Monique Kiker

So proud of you my love ❤️


Marlene Robins

Hope they find that cure soon



I think you should take a cat with you on the walk. Good luck!


Joy Hendley

You’re doing great work Alisha. Best of luck.