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I'm walking for a world without type one diabetes

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I'm walking 125km for a world without type 1 diabetes

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Biggest walk so far! Joining my friend on her 6 day hike

I joined a really good friend of mine (Ella Crowe) who is also doing this fundraising walk for JDRF on her 6 day hike along the Heysen trail! I joined her in the afternoon on day three of her hike and walked with her until Friday.
It was quite an adventure with all the usual ups and downs of hiking like sore shoulders and  hips from where the backpack dug in, aching feet,  beautiful scenery that made up for all the cold and discomfort, coming up with ways to keep ourselves from thinking about how far we had to go or how much our feet hurt (truth questions were quite popular) and  some hiking through long wet grass that had covered the path. 
My favourite part of this hike would have been waking up on the last morning at 5am, getting out of our tent and seeing that where we had stopped for the night was covered in low hanging cloud that gave the whole world a quite, eerily beautiful feeling. It was quite surreal to be up before the sun and see the world slowly getting lighter and coming to life as we walked down the mountain we had spent the night on!

My Story

I'm doing the JDRF One Walk Challenge to raise awareness and funds for everyone who lives with the constant battle of T1D.  I've been living with T1D for roughly 3 years now and one thing that makes me feel like I can do anything, even with T1D, is walking so I thought why not do some good with it!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Karen And Geoff Adams

Good luck Araluen - that's great cause that you're supporting.


Darryl Adams

Well done, Araluen! How are the feet after all that walking? Here's a bit more to add to your fundraising. Thanks for inviting us to be involved. Love from Grandpa & Grandma.


Kava Adams



We're proud to support your walk for T1D research



Mwah kiddo :)


Anji Hill


Peter Adams

So gooooood that you have walking as an active metaphor for how you are in control of your life and moving forward! Enjoy!


Jo Jones

I'm so proud of you!!



We're proud to support your walk for T1D research


Samuel Crowe

You are an inspiration, Lou. I wish you fair weather and firm ground. Go get em! ;)



Great job Lu!!!


Araluen Adams