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Blake's Story

On February 15th, 2019 at age 5 Blake's life changed dramatically! For well over a month prior he had started to become tired, looking pale at times, losing weight, was very thirsty (even to the point of him finding near empty water bottles in the kitchen in the middle of the night to try get a few drops out to drink). He also of course and which was probably the most obvious sign was that he was needing to wee a lot. 

Being Summer & just starting Pre-Primary we thought he was tired from full time school & thirsty cause it's hot therefore weeing more cause he's drinking so much. In our minds we didn't expect something like T1D especially as we have no family history of diabetes anywhere. A trip to the Dr to check a urine sample for some sort of possible infection indicated sugar was present in his urine & a finger prick test confirmed his blood sugar levels were way too high (too high to even get an exact reading) so we needed to go straight to emergency at Perth Children's Hospital.

Upon arrival we were admitted straight away, he had a blood glucose level of 35 (4-8 is the safe range) & within the hour it was confirmed that Blake had Type 1 diabetes and the first lots of insulin injections began on a very scared 5 year old boy (standing beside him also was a very scared and worried mummy).

Seeing the fear and sadness in his face of being finger pricked every 3 hours - day & night - from then on and given multiple insulin injections in either his bottom, thigh or belly was so extremely hard to watch. This was becoming his new forever and something that we had no choice about but to keep giving him needles to keep him alive. 

If we give him too little insulin or too many carbs to insulin ratio he can go high which then can put pressure on other organs in his body or lead him into Diabetic Ketoacidosis which is a build up of acid in his blood. Too much insulin or not enough carbs means he can go low which can cause him to go into an unresponsive state , seizure or into Severe Hypoglycaemia.

Jason & I stayed 1 very long week in hospital attending classes and training everyday on carb counting to insulin ratios and insulin administering to how to treat high & low blood sugars levels. We also learnt how to understand T1D and the changes it would bring to not only Blake's life but our family & worklife too. Nothing would ever be the same again. The sporadic let's go get a Sunday afternoon ice-cream is now a planned outing as we need to make sure he has enough insulin on board to cover his spike. 

It's far from easy and very hard when he crys asking why does he have to have diabetes and his brother & sister don't? When every injection site or cgm monitor change brings him anxiety & fear. It breaks my heart that the carefree life of a 5 year old is now burdened by a disease such as this. 

On the other hand I also appreciate & am thankful that his disease is just T1D. With constant monitoring & keeping Blake in a safe blood glucose level zone it will allow him to hopefully lead a long and fulfilling life with very few complications along the way.

Thankyou for reading all the way through. I could go on forever about the way Blakes life has changed already in these last 6 months. Hopefully one day a cure will be found but in the meantime we would love you to show your support to him and join us by walking in our group or even sponsoring us with a donation would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you!

We are taking part in JDRF One Walk to turn type one into type none!

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can strike at any time. It affects more than 120,000 Australian families, and 7 people are diagnosed every day.

So I am walking with the #JDRFbluearmy to raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Please DONATE NOW and support my walk to change the lives of Australians living with T1D.

Thank you.



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We hope this assists with your fight against T1D


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Enjoy your walk! Hope this helps. Xxx


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We know how hard this journey is and hope you guys are ok. Hopefully a cure to T1D will be discovered soon.


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Go Blake 💙


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Sending happy, loving vibes guysxx


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Great effort O’Neill’s


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Our grandson.....very special


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Best of luck for the walk. Lots of love to you and Blake x




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Best of luck to all walkers. Thinking of Blake and little Digby. Great cause - good luck Kristy and Jason.


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The entire O’Neill family are amazing!!!! You got this Blake 👊🏼


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You're a tough little man!! 💙💙