Gwennyth Baker

I'm walking for Andrew & others

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I'm walking 125km for a world without type 1 diabetes

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Why I am walking

I will walk as far as I can on my walker- without that I would very likely stumble and fall over. I do this not only for Andrew, but all those I have met over the years. This includes young Harry who was diagnosed just recently - even if I have not met him.  

I do it for all those around the world who test their blood glucose levels and take insulin every day just to stay alive. I do it for those that struggle with it, those that did not make it, those that were misdiagnosed in the first place, those who missed being diagnosed at all, as well as those that are doing very well that they should never need to face any of these issues.  I do it for a cure for those with T1D and a hope that those like our beautiful Amelia never have to face a world where it still exists.      This all transposes to giving our researchers the best possible chance to improve lives for all of us regardless of what area of research we are interested in.

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Puxley Gillard Mob


Mike Wilson

Gwennyth you are a star and an inspiration to us all! Thank you for all you do for JDRF and everyone with T1D.


Gwennyth Baker


Andrew And Kelly

Good luck mum! You got this!!


Gerard Jose

To a very special person who supported jdrf with Ron for many years. May your passion inspire others. May your walker be as strong as you. Gerard xxxxxx


Sally Higgins

For Gwenyth and Ron, to whom made my time at JDRF so memorable, and who I respect so much. And for all those with type 1.


Lorraine & Peter

Go Gwennyth! You constantly inspire us.


Ryan & Ashleigh Anthony


Sharon Mchale And Paul Matton

You’re an inspiration Gwennyth. Thinking of you and Ron.


Annette Stone

You go girl and proud to say you are my cousin x


Gerard Moran

Gwennyth, Wow - What a Star. A pleasure to support. Your tireless work towards a Cure is Gold.


Kallie And Andy

What an inspiration you are Gwennyth! Although not surprising to anyone lucky enough to know you. Good luck! Love, Kallie


Lynne Mccullock


Tim & Diane



Keep up the good work Gwennyth. Hope your frame can cope. Vic and Tina


Rhonda Leary

Keep up that orienteering spirit Gwennyth, best wishes Rhonda


Julie Merrett

Big love for you and what you're doing and have done for our kids Gwennyth ❤


Carolyn Henry

Gwennyth, you are amazing! Even to attempt this is incredible. You are so inspiring. Best wishes ❤️


A Heaney



Lauris Stirling

Well done Gwennyth.


Helen Maxwell-wright Am

Gwyneth You are an inspiration. Thank you for walking and for all you have done and still do to turn type one into type none.


Sumina Shrestha

How inspiring you are, Gwennyth. You are doing remarkable things to help the community ♥️


Sandra Kinder


John Gillard

Go Gwennyth we are so proud of you loveVal and John


Christine Sully

Good luck Gwennyth- use the Dobson Determination!


John Edwards


Mark Phillips


Rosalie & Graham Greenberger


Vicki Freeman


Fiona Ryan

So committed GB! If passion for a cause is all that’s needed to get you over the finish line, you’ve made it before you start. Love Fiona & Kim Ryan


Marlene Robins

Well done 👏👏👏


Anonymous Anonymous


Maureen Kennedy