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I'm walking for a world without type one diabetes

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I'm walking 100km to turn type one into type none!

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I’m doing the JDRF One Walk Step Challenge to defeat T1D! That means I'll be walking 100KM in October to acknowledge 100 years since the ground-breaking discovery of insulin.

Why? To drive progress toward improving lives and defeating T1D, and change the lives of more than 125,000 Australians who battle this disease every day in the process.

Type 1 diabetes can strike anyone at any time, and 8 Australians will be diagnosed today. Diagnosis means a 24/7 fight with no break and facing an extra 180 decisions a day to remain safe and healthy.

I personally was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was four years old, in 1996. I have now been living with Type 1 diabetes for 25 years. 

Over that time, things have changed a lot. We now have some amazing technology that really helps us with our daily routines. However, the physical and psychological impact of having diabetes still remains. Despite diabetes being a 'hidden' disease, that doesn't mean it's impact on daily life is any less than any other chronic illness. Over my lifetime I have done over 50,000 insulin injections to literally stay alive, and tested my blood sugar level using a finger prick over 70,000 times. This is on top of trying to live a normal life balancing work, study, social commitments, and everything else. Living with diabetes is almost a full-time job in itself!

We try to stay positive about having diabetes, and look forward to the knowledge that there may be a cure, or at least something to ease the burden, within our lifetime. So far, it hasn't limited us in anything we have wanted to do! However, there is no denying how hard it is to live with this condition 24/7. When you are sick, or sad, and don't feel like dealing with diabetes, that just isn't an option. It requires constant monitoring, and you cannot take a day off. As mentioned above, decision making with what to eat, what insulin levels to calculate, and factoring in exercise, sleep quality, time of day, and daily activities into what insulin dosage to give leads to people with type 1 diabetes having to make approximately 180 extra decisions a day to continue to live with this condition! Decision fatigue is a real thing, and happens to so many people with diabetes. Technologies that reduce the amount of calculation and decision making are so useful, but these items can be hugely expensive and still require so much more research to be able to market them to patients with T1D. 

Thank you for reading my story, and I hope that you understand why we are raising much needed funds for type 1 diabetes research and technological advancement. Research has brought us such a long way thus far, and it is exciting to think what the following years could bring for diabetes research. There are incredible teams of researchers out there dedicating their life's work to this condition, and being a researcher myself, I very much understand the desperate need for funding. 

Your generosity to our cause means so, so much to us. Whatever you can give is valuable and important, and we thank you immensely for your contribution.

DONATE NOW to help the #JDRFBlueArmy and help create a world without T1D. Thank you.

Love Jess xxx

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David And Sheila Adsett

Go Jessica. We are very proud of you. Glad to see covid has not stopped this worthy cause. Keep on walking....


Noel E Adsett

This isn't the first time you have raised funds for this worthy cause. Best wishes to Jess and Beck!!


Abbz And Slimey

We will chuck in a walk with you during October :) love you both xx


Maddie And Tom Wood

Go Jess! This the best pace scenario we’ve seen!


Bella Panettiere

Walk like E Cullen walks through the meadow