I'm walking for a world without type one diabetes

My Story

I am taking part in JDRF One Walk to turn type one into type none!

My family and i will be walking on the 27 Oct at Mt Martha. To raise money and awareness of Type 1 diabetes. This year i celebrate 10years of being here. As without the money raised to fight this diseases it may be a different story. We would love you to join us. Please feel free to share my page so we can raise money to find a cure for diabetes. 

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can strike at any time. It affects more than 120,000 Australian families, and 7 people are diagnosed every day.

So I am walking with the #JDRFbluearmy to raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Please DONATE NOW and support my walk to change the lives of Australians living with T1D.

Thank you.

My Completed Missions in the JDRF Blue Army

Uploaded a pic Set fundraising target Shared on social media Raised $40 – 'private' status Raised $100 – 'corporal' status Raised $250 – 'sergeant' status Raised $500 – 'major' status Reached fundraising goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tyabb Railway Station Primary School

From all your friends at TYABB Railway Station Primary School.


Steven Taranto

Best of luck to you lachie for the walk, raising a few dollars and most importantly your health. 👌


Nichols Family



Good on you Lachlan 👍👍


Melanie Bluff

Have a great walk Lachie! Let me know where in Mount Martha and I might come and cheer you on😊


Brian & Lynda Lillywhite

You’re a champion Lachie! You should feel very proud of the way you handle having Type 1 Diabetes. Good luck to all for the walk. We loved the last walk we did with you but we are in Qld at that time 😔 Go Team Lachie! Brian & Lynda 🚶🏽‍♂️


Simone Terlich

Lachie you are amazing! Love you loads from xxx Simone, David,Michell and Aidan


Sarah Grant

Good luck Lachie


Shane Chatwood

Good luck on the walk Lachie. I remember doing it when my sister first got type 1 diabetes over 24 years ago. Research has come some way since then but we still need a cure. We’re all on your side. :-)


Caroline Plowman

Good luck Lachie x


The Gear Kids

We think you’re awesome for being such a positive role model. Keep up the great work. Best wishes to you and congratulations all round to the Adair’s ... you’re an awesome bunch


Leah Rawlings


Emily K Herron

Good luck for the walk Lachlan, I've had type 1 since I was 16 it's a tough full time job keep up the good work


The A Team

Good Luck on the walk, all being well we will aim to come too! You are doing a wonderful thing to help raise awareness, funds and support for people just like you 💕


Nicole Esler

You're such an awesome guy Lachie! Everything I know about Juvenile Diabetes is because you've taught me! Keep spreading the word. All the best. Mrs. Esler. x


Susan Powell

I have had Type 2 for about 23 years but have friends who have type 1. I’m with you all the way. I am Finn Newman’s Granny


Mrs Sommers

Goodluck and well done.


Chantal & Marc

Great work Lachie! Your Awesome!! 💙


Karli Richmond

Good luck lachie!!!


Riley Nichols

Hi Lachie, Riley asked us to donate his pocket money to your fundraiser and will be joining you for the walk. Go team Lachie!


Lachlan Adair


Lathan Okines

Not much but we wanted to help. My uncle has the same diabetes. - Lathan


Lydia Stringer

We don't have much but we wanted to show our support! Good luck on the walk and keep on inspiring others!


Michael Hogg

Good luck Lachie!


Geordie Male

Good lad Lachlan.


Kathy & Stewie Read

Good luck with the walk Lachlan


Rebecca James

From Paige grade 1


Caz Connelly

Well done ..... you are an inspiring young man. Keep up the good work.


Rachael John

Love 💕


Gayle Jervois

Your a champ, go team Lochie