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I'm walking 100km to turn type one into type none!

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I’m doing the JDRF One Walk Step Challenge to defeat T1D! That means I'll be walking 100KM in October to acknowledge 100 years since the ground-breaking discovery of insulin.

Over the past 20 years I have watched my brother make conscious decision after conscious decision just to maintain a process within his body that is automatic to you and I. I've seen first-hand the daily struggles he faces but his resolve is inspirational. Below is a link to a short summary of his experience. I encourage you to have a read, you may learn something.

DONATE NOW to help the #JDRFBlueArmy and help create a world without T1D. Thank you.

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Lisa Jamie Stella Gus & Dan

Good on you Paddy 🥰


Digby And Jody Graham



Well done Michael. As you say in your essay this affliction has a long history and each generation has a role to play in beating it. Put another way picking up the arrow shot by the previous generation where it has fallen and shooting it forward.


Rob O'dwyer


Patrick O'dwyer


Danial Cornall

Very informative post from Michael, learnt a lot, good on you guys


Isaac Nelson



Absolute champ and 100% support your cause



Good on you Pat


Hannah Rietveld